PhreakNIC conference videos

art.jpgNashville Tennessee seems an unlikely place for a hacker convention but despite that fact the PhreakNIC conferences have been held there for the last couple of years. The people over at PhreakNic also recognize that not everyone has the ability to travel to these conferences and have taken the time to archive their seminars so that any one can view them. At this point they have a large library of videos going back to PhreakNIC #6. Check it out!
PhreakNIC 9 – videos at
PhreakNIC 8
o Note: the PhreakNIC 8 site was built on exploitable code (PHP-Nuke) and has been removed. If you would like to see the videos from last year’s talks, please visit
PhreakNIC 7 – videos at
PhreakNIC 6
Sites for PhreakNICs 3-5 are somewhere out in the ether. Neither 1 nor 2 had a site.

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~ by hackcraft on July 25, 2006.

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