Kiosk Hack

KioskI spend a lot of time at the buss station. One day while waiting I got an idea. See the particular buss station that I get dropped off at has a kiosk that is touch based. (no keyboard or mouse). This Kiosk is set up by a local business to promote their product. The Kiosk plays automated commercial clips and gives consumer information. I was curious to see how hard it would be to hack this baby.

As there was no keyboard or mouse I thought that this would be impossible as there was no source for disabling the consumer software that was installed on the machine. After examining the machine I discovered that the main power plug-in was in easy reach. I simply pulled the plug and presto, the machine rebooted. The machine rebooted with a Dell display and then started to load Windows XP. The specific kiosk software on the machine was set to auto load on start up, but I discovered that an Internet properties box popped up for a brief moment before launching the software. I was able to stop the software launch by clicking settings in the Internet properties box. From there I could open view files allowing me to access temporary internet files and other computer files. From There I had a list of urls that were set up in junction with the kiosk software. This in turn allowed me to access the net and other settings in the computer. I am not a malicious hacker but if I was I could have really messed this system up. I just thought I would leave a little message to every one at the buss station. I accessed the wallpaper and change it to say This was all done with no keyboard or mouse. I have also tried this same pull the plug method on other kiosk such as those movie-dispensing kiosk. Often If Im not able to get full access of the machine I can get other interesting information such as IP address etc.

Pictues of the hack

Video of the Hack


~ by hackcraft on June 10, 2006.

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