Text Them to Death

Theses days, everyone has a cell phone, many families have more than one. Now more than ever, people are starting to use these cellular devices as their main form of contact. Cell phone providers in the last few years have added a lot of extra features that make our lives easier. Now you can you take pictures with your phone, you can use your phone as an alarm clock, calculator, and much, much more. Although added phone features can save time and be very convenient, there is a way to make these additions a major annoyance to any cell phone user. One of the best ways to annoy the living crap out of someone is to flood their phone with text messages. The only information that is required to do this is their 10-digit phone number and their cell phone provider (Cingular, Sprint etc.). Often, if you do not already know this you can get it all the traditional ways (phone book, 411, Google) as long as the person is listed.

How this works: Almost all cell phone providers set up there phone services to receive free inbound text messaging. Along with this service is an individual email address that is set up with every phone number. All of the major carriers set up their phone numbers with a corresponding email address. Lets say that that you have a targeted phone number 555-222-3333 this 10 digit number can be connected with a cell phone providers specific url, which allows someone to send an email directly to the phone. For instance, say that the number 555-222-3333 is a Cingular number. In this case, the email address would be 552223333@mobilemycingular.com

Now that you have determined a cell phones specific email address you can utilize this in many different ways. One option is to sign up for a bogus email address and forward all emails to your target cell phone. Once you have signed up for a bogus email address and forward all emails to your target, you then need to find a way to get as many emails to the bogus email address as possible. Any email that is sent to the bogus email address will then be forwarded to the targeted cell phone. From here you can do a lot of different things to receive mass amounts of email. You can sign up for a bogus My Space account using the targeted email address (www.myspace.com). If you choose this option, go through and request as many people to be your friend as possible. Pretty soon, the emails will come piling in, and your target will be thoroughly confused as to why their phone is getting so many text messages from strange people. You could also just add the general email address to any junk mail ads or any email submission form that would produce spam. This way the process builds up over time.

Call Forwarding:

Many cell phones now have number forwarding. My Cingular phone, for instance, has this option. By default, my call forwarding is set up to go to a separate number that accesses my voicemail. This feature can be altered in a manner to forward any missed call to any number that is placed in call forwarding. Imagine someone you know leaving their phone out in the open. You take a few minuets to change the call forwarding to maybe their ex-boy/girl friends number, maybe you direct their missed calls to some annoying info line or to a payphone. Instead of someone leaving a voicemail for this person they will be directed to the new-forwarded number without a clue as to what is going on. To access the call forwarding or to see if it is an option at all you will want to generally look for phone settings. This should get you started on the right path.

Example: 5552223333@vtext.com (Verizon)
Example: 5552223333@mobilemycingular.com or @cingularme.com (Cingular) (mms
content) 5552223333@mms.mycingular.com
Example: 5552223333@messaging.sprintpcs.com (Sprint PCS)
Example: 5552223333@mmode.com (AT&T Wireless / now part of Cingular)
Example: 5552223333@messaging.nextel.com (Nextel Mobile)
Example: 5552223333@tmomail.net (T-Mobile)
Example: 5552223333@vmobl.com (Virgin Mobile USA)
Example: 5552223333@page.metrocall.com (Metrocall various pager services
varies depending on service 80 to 200 characters, depending on subscription

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~ by hackcraft on June 1, 2006.

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  1. can someone flood my number? i need this, +37063042023

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