Free Payphone Call

A while back I was reading a blog and heard about a service called free 411. This service is just like it sounds. The service is a free 411 service that is based around an advertising model. This service has saved me a lot of money off those 75 cent information calls. I have also found another really cool use for the service as well. One day I had forgotten my cell phone at home and needed to make a call. I reached into my pocked but had no change. It was at that point I remembered about Free 411. Most pay phones will accept 1800 calls so I figured I would try to make a free call on a payphone. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this works. Not only does this service allow me to stop paying for 411 calls, I can utilize this service to make free payphone calls. The only draw back to using this service with a payphone is the number you are looking for has to be listed in order to be connected.

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~ by hackcraft on May 6, 2006.

8 Responses to “Free Payphone Call”

  1. To my knowledge, this is no longer possible. I thought of this recently and when dialing 1800FREE411 on two different pay phones that I was 100% sure allow toll free calls, I only got a busy signal. When I dialed the new 1800GOOG411 it just kept ringing and ringing. It seems that Verizon has caught on.

  2. There is a way to make free phone calls from any payphone located infront of Wal*Mart; 7-11 or any of the more than 25,000 “PTS” payphone located throughout the US. You can call upto 3 domestic numbers for free at anytime.

    Follow this formula and have at it!

    Step 1; pick up handset; dial *88
    Step 2: listen to automated prompt; then press #1
    Step 3: listen to automated prompt; then press #1
    Step 4: listen to automated prompt; then press #1
    step 5: listen to automated prompt; then press #2
    Step 6: Dial area code and phone number you wish to call (DO NOT DIAL A 1 BEFORE THE AREA CODE)
    Step 7; listen to the automated prompt; then press #1

    Once you finish the call; the phone will reset and be off line for 5-7 minutes. You can only call the same number once within a 24 hour period. The system works everytime anywhere in the country.


  3. is this for real?

  4. try it; you will see

  5. i have another way of dialing 411:
    i tried this on verzion payphone, i don’t about others.
    simply pickup the handset dial 411, then just wait (ignore the prompt asking for a 50 cents deposit). after the prompt you will be connected to 411 FREE!

  6. Easiest way, use a paperclip and bend it into an L put the little end in the coin slot, the long end touching the metal of the receiver (where you speak into) This grounds out the payphone and you can now dial for free

  7. I tried this at the denver colorado greyhound stop and when I do free 411 it comes up says this number cannot be accessed through a payphone as requested by the owner Of the number.

  8. There is a phone looser app to decieve the pay phone!

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