Today Privacy is more important than ever. When surfing websites or using file-sharing programs it is not hard for companies or individuals to track your IP address. Your personal IP address can be used to track your specific actions including downloads. An Ip: address can also be targeted for a DNS attacks (Denial of Service). A DNS attack pretty much clogs your Internet data line with garbage preventing you from getting online. One way around this problem is setting up a random IP. This can be handy in situations where privacy is important. is a website that allows you to surf the net with a random IP address. It works like this: you are given a random IP so one moment it looks like you are surfing the net from Russia the next time you refresh your browser you appear to be in the middle of Idaho. I use this service when using public wi-fi networks. also has a great tutorial on how to use google as an internet proxy.

hack craft


~ by hackcraft on May 5, 2006.

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